Ladies and Germs, I’m proud to announce the publication of Bitchfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism From the Pages of Bitch Magazine, edited by the always amazing Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler, grandes dammes of Bitch Mag. It’s a compendium of lots of the best essays from the best feminist magazine evar, very much a must-have (even for people like me who have jealously hoarded the back issues since they came out–having learned our lessons after being too casual with our copies of Sassy during its golden age, sigh).

Anyway, I suppose I should also mention that I have an essay in this thing. It’s called “Fringe Me Up, Fringe Me Down: On Getting Dressed in Jerusalem,” and it’s about navigating the Holy City in a kippah and tzitzit (sometimes, and going stealth sometimes, and what it all might mean when one embraces both a feminism that says, say it loud, say it proud, and an ethic of modesty and care for others that says, it’s Not All About Me).

But that’s not why it’s exciting. Really. To check out the Table of Contents, go here.

Also, SF people, the launch party is August 16th at the Rickshaw Stop at Fell and Van Ness–check the magazine website for more deets.

You know, when so many smart, important ‘zines are born and die within an all-too-brief span and never get a chance to realize their potential, it’s really amazing that this one has managed to make it 10 years. Yom huledet sameach, Bitch! May you live to 120!

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