Evidently Scottish artist Nathan Coley has made a 20-minute film on everybody’s favorite Holy City disorder. The Scotsman reports on the ‘drome itself:

The syndrome is estimated to affect up to 20 people a year, almost all Christians or Jews. It has provoked heated debates among doctors over what actually turns sufferers’ heads.

Dr Moshe Kalian, the district psychiatrist of Jerusalem, who has diagnosed many cases of Jerusalem syndrome, says: “In our opinion, Jerusalem is a kind of magnet for certain people who develop their ideas before they come and act out their behaviour once they are here.” …Kalian says: “I treated a guy who was stopped by the police who entered the lobby of a hotel and started to grab glasses from people’s faces. He said he wanted them to see the true light. That guy thought of himself as the Messiah, that he was chosen to come to Israel and bring peace to the world.

Still don’t know much about the film, though, which is too bad. Complete article here.

Thanks to Micah for the link.

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