I know, I never write, I never call, I never post anymore. Moving to a new city is very time consuming! And my current setup doesn’t have much going on in the way of Internet at home, which just makes everything more complicated. The good news on the personal front is that permanent digs have been procured, and the process of getting to actually, like, inhabit them is reasonably in process. There are lots of nice people on this here East Coast, and I’ve had a good time of reconnecting with and first-time meeting a bunch of them.

On the book front, we are now hurtling towards the Official Pub Date of August 15th. The thing is evidently shipping from some online retailers and there are rumors of a few sightings of books out in bookstores (thanks Melissa and Elianna). Nonetheless, it’s not technically out yet–so if you get a copy now, I suppose you can enjoy the smug feeling of getting something before its real release.

There will be a proper report on forthcoming gigs soon, I promise, but for now I am obligated to note that Surprised By God‘s first-ever ever ever book talk thingy will be happening at the National Havurah Institute next week! Very exciting. It’s my first ever ‘tute, and I’m quite stoked for it–every year for the past, oh, million years, I’ve wanted to go but have been busy getting married, living in Israel (that was a theme for a while), doing a hospital chaplaincy certification that required me to show up for a certain number of hours and not vanish for a week, and so forth. It’s about dang time–it should be a tremendous amount of fun, given the vast number of Excellent People who will be there. (It also seems that my collection of Israeli pop has gotten me roped into helping DJ something akin to the Boogie, which we plan to make dangerously awesome.)

Anyway, reading happening at the ‘tute–if you’re going to be there, you should come! And if you’re not planning to be there, you should change your mind and come! For pete’s sake, people, there’s going to be a Boogie. Isn’t that reason enough?

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