is going to see Pretty in Pink at the Jerusalem Cinemetheque (where I now have an unlimited movie student pass, whoot). This film is, for reasons I myself don’t quite understand, one of the few things on this earth (besides, um, the Torah) that I can see over and over again and continue to thrill at anew. Annie Potts and the Psych Furs! I mean, Duckie Dale alone, really. It was great fun to watch it with Hebrew subtitles, to watch as they squished mid-80’s teen slang into Hebrew’s somewhat more limited vocabulary. (How many different words wound up getting translated as “tov”? A lot, that’s how many.) A giggle all around.

(Blaine, hu ha shem shelo? Zeh lo shem! Zeh mootzar!)

I walked home in the warm Jerusalem night, under the big bright full moon, with New Order in my discman, full of joy and only the tiniest bit nostalgic for times that were, though almost this bad (I mean, the Reagan years), but with better music and much, much better dressed.

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