so a while back I had this inspired idea; I had to go to Chicago in December for this (more specifically this , 4.2). And we had Chanukah off at school, but the conference was the following week. So why not take advantage of my temporal and geographic reality and have a stopover? Not a bad idea, if I do say so, meself. The stopover was Frankfurt, I had this whole plan about getting an early early (5am) flight and arriving in time to hpp the train for Paris, dork around for a few days and then go Midwest. What I did not account for, however, was that I would be sick for 2.5 weeks before Hanukah, and that I would get a hit of whatever Heavý Black Plague is going around Jerusalem right as it was midterm time. So by Tuesday I was still in a bad way. Tearfully, I changed my flight (baruch Hashem student tickets with no penalties) and tried to accept that I would not get a little mini-break for the kind of perspective and silly adventure one can get neither in the town in which one was raised nor the spiritual center of the religion one happens to practice. I did not accept this very well. Thursday I woke up feeling… actually, better. Glad I did not have an all-nighter at the Ben Gurion airport, but, you know, well enough for a mini-venture.

So I changed my ticket again. Threw a lot of stuff into a suitcase. Called the shuttle to come get me in 15 minutes. Got on the 4:30pm flight to Frankfurt, dang it.

By the time I got off the plane I was too tired (you know, still sick) to make a break for Amsterdam or somewhere else more exotic. Looks like Frankfurt was gonna be my base. Lucky for me, the very swanky but cheap youth hostel (checked the Lonely Planet in the Frankfurt airport) is walking distance to everything I would need. That kind of rocks.

So what happened when I got to Frankfurt? Stay tuned, bois and grrrlz, I will upload the story (written out last night, motzei Shabbos) tomorrow when I am near a wireless hotspot and able to upload my pics as illustration.

And now, back into the great German beyond of applewine and cobblestoned streets…..

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