We’re somewhere in Oklahoma.

The last few days have included the Painted Desert, a petrified forest, a meteor crater, (all gorgeous, humbling, amazing), and God-bless-it Cadillac Ranch, which makes me totally, irrationally happy. There’s also been a lot of fantastic Wild West fakery and Texas kitch–including The Big Texan Steak Ranch. I’m going to be ordering cold salads anywhere I go around here, so why not do so in a place that’s amusing? And, indeed, four husky guys from Oklahoma were having a go at the free-72-oz-steak-dinner-if-eaten-within-an-hour challenge. We left when they were at the 30-minute mark, it looked like at least a couple of them were going to actually complete the thing.

Today is all about driving.

In other news, long, long, longtime lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon have gotten married. The photos are just wonderful.

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