So I have one of those StatCounter thingos connected to this blog, and to its older blogspot incarnation (btw, anybody know how to make that URL automagically forward to here? I’ve left a link on that page but I’d love to make you have to come to the new site. Is there a way that is both easy and free?) The stat thing can tell me what people have typed into a search engine that wound up leading them to my site (though I don’t know the identity of the person who did it–never fear). Today, I checked, as I do every few months, and found a long list of things, some of them very strange, some just mildly amusing. A few highlights:

2 3.77% elvis shabbos goy
2 3.77% essay on suffering
1 1.89% messianic moshav
1 1.89% i respect elders having said that
1 1.89% messianic clothes
1 1.89% girls brous is off girls underwear off
1 1.89% the demons of drink
1 1.89% diy playground
1 1.89% i v vi iii
1 1.89% why do jews have low trust levels
1 1.89% b‘hatzlachah
1 1.89% how do you pronounce couscous
1 1.89% messianic anglicans
1 1.89% religous poems for july the 4th

The subtitle of the blog seems to get me a lot of people looking for that End of Days. I’ll have to check with my Episcopalian friends about the difference between Messianic Anglicans and, you know, the regular… Chrisitian.. ones.

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