Being away was lovely. We got up to the Central Coast for a few days of just good, old-fashioned relaxing. Some highlights:

  • The fabulous health food store/cafe that turned out to have the only all-vegetarian menu in the area–after the yummy lunch Thursday, we had to go back for brunch Sunday.
  • Big water!!
  • Morro Rock, which reminded me somehow of Gibraltar.morro rock
  • Wandering along a beach entirely covered with gorgeous pebbles and shells
  • The sheep that lived at our guesthouse, who we named Bruce. He had a lot to say.
  • The way the decks at our guesthouse were built to accomodate the trees.
  • Figuring out that we were trying to get to Old Morro Road East, which is off Morro Road, after Old Morro Road West and the other Old Morro Road West, and also after Old Morro Road and the other Old Morro Road. It is also after Frog’s Hollow.
  • Learning how to play sheshbesh and becoming totally addicted (and winning my third-ever game, hah.)
  • Hearst Castle–well, the castle itself was kind of weird, filled with the pretensions of a man with a large ego who thought that he could recreate a “Mediterranean village” on his California hilltop. It didn’t work–the 16th Century Italian and 13th Century Spanish and 15th Century Northern French art and architecture were all squashed together without rhyme or reason, and the result was pretty vulgar. Regarding the thing as a relic of Old Hollywood and the Golden Age was interesting, though, and they had the coolest mikveh indoor pool I’ve ever seen.
  • Grilling corn out on the deck just before Shabbos came in.
  • Did I mention all the big water at the edge of the world?
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