And so the First Drafting continues.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
34,142 / 80,000

I am, as you can see, still way over count–I’ve written four chapters, and still need to write let’s-say-six more (it’s really five, plus an introduction and an afterword that’s going to be practically chapter-length). Obviously I’ll have massive trimming down and cleaning up to do for the good of the manuscript, but there’ll also be places where I’ll have to expand, unpack, explain better and so forth. Meeting word count isn’t really the hard part–it’s making sure that the words that are there are actually the right ones.

For now, my job is just to try to get these chapters in working order; I’ll attack the problems when I’ve drafted everything and can have a better sense of what the issues are.

As such: Onward.

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