There’s a lot that I could say about this text, but I’m not going to. I’d rather leave it open.

G’mar chatimah tovah.

Rav said: You know the secrets of the universe. Shmuel said: Out of the depths of [my] heart…. Rabbi Yochanan said: Master of the Universe! Rabbi Yehuda said: For our transgressions are too numerous to count and our sins greater than can be listed. Rav Himnuna said: My God, before I was created I was not worthy, and now that I have been created, it as if I had not been created. I am but dust in my life and [will be] even less in my death. Behold, I am but a vessel filled with shame. May it be your will that I sin no more, and may You erase those sins I have committed in Your great mercy, but not through suffering. Mar Zutra said: All of this applies only if one has not said, “But we have sinned.” If one says, “But we have sinned,” nothing more is required.

Yoma 87b

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