It is just dang difficult to sit still and concentrate on reading 100 pages on the halakha related to death and mourning when it’s a beautiful day out and I have only like 700,000 bajillion other things to do to get ready to leave this country in 3 weeks (!!!!!!!) and get ready to land in the other country and other finals to prep for and stuff. I confess that, even though this is really the next thing I need to be doing, I am just not in the mood.

Why is the health care situation in the States such a train wreck? Just wondering. Feeling not very happy about going back to that, and if I think any harder about it as a global issue I start getting so angry I can’t see straight. Did not have nearly enough random doctor’s appointments to get my left toenail or whatever checked-up this year as I should have. And now I’m trying to get it all in under the wire. Socialized medicine, I love you so. I will miss you more than you will ever know.

Hey, I was on the Israeli news the other day. I davenned with Women of the Wall on Rosh Hodesh and there were these guys with video cameras around. I thought they were from the govt, trying to get concrete records so that it would be clear who threw the first chair at whom, or whatever, but I guess they were newscasters. *shrug* I didn’t see it, just heard about it the day after. I had this whole post about WOW and democracy that I was gonna write, but things have been just too busy. Sorry, gonna be boring ’round here for a few weeks. Keep checking here, though–you never know when insomnia and/or intense procrastonation are going to get the best of me. Like now.

On a highly related note, scroll down and check out the new Jewy resources I’ve added on the right-hand side. It’s deliberately a mish-mosh; I’m resisting hard the temptation to sort them into categories. If it gets too long I might eventually, but for now, Jewy is Jewy. If you know of something great, let me know–if I dig it too, I’ll add it to the list. I’m focusing less on specific groups to promote for promotion’s sake (tho I did throw a couple good projects on there) and more on sites that have handy-dandy resources or reference guides of general interest or on specific issues.

Okay. Mourning. Getting on it. Maybe I’ll sit outside on the mirpesset (balcony), in the sun. That might help.

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