OK, some links for those of you who want a break from the war post-game show, from leaders who sell stock when they hear soldiers are kidnapped, from analyzing why, exactly, it’s a bad idea to run a war with a Prime Minister and Defense Minister who don’t know anything about the army, or from placing bets on how long the silence is going to last.

Me, I just needed to clean out my bookmarks.

As such:

  • Did you know that Jack Black is only two degrees of separation from Elvis (as is, natch, Kevin Bacon), and that Spike Lee is a mere three? This toy is hours of Elvis.

  • This toy has gotten some press lately, so it’s not such a good secret anymore, but it’s still great fun when you’re on the phone.

  • You may be shocked to hear that Capitol Hill interns are having a lot of politically-tinged sex while at work. Check the linked post for fun facts like, “Republicans are more inclined than Democrats to believe that hooking up leads to love (18% compared to 12%).”

  • R. Uri Cohen sent me this hillariously spot-on ettiquite guide for urban living from NY Metro.

  • This is just a general time-suck.

  • The International Dialects of English Archive, to hear the difference among drawls and to get a good crack at Valley Girl Speak. And yes, we Chicagoans do have an accent, it’s just better than yours.
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