Well, I’ve been working already. Here’s what I know:

Conservative Halakha paper
Talmud (Blind exam, can’t study for it)
History paper
Biblical Criticism paper
Kabbalah mystery assignment
Pastoral Couseling
Psalms test

If I can get the history paper out of my life sometime this week, it’ll just be Psalms as the main occupant of my brain. Plenty of work–I’ve been working–but I’m pretty organized. I think the searing pain that was most of this semester, academically, is creating some sort of cosmic reward wherein I don’t actually need to find myself curled up in a ball, whimpering for mercy by finals time. Anyway, the strategy is definitely to get the more daunting papers out first, when the energy level is still passable.

Man oh MAN will I be happy when this semester is done.

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