It’s the “cranky feminist” edition of joyous announcements!

1. I’m not changing my name.

2. He’s not changing his name.

3. I think I know how I want to deal with the kinyan problem, but no, I’m not saying.

4. I’m thrilled to get hugs and mazel tovs but

5. Can we keep heterosexual privelige factor to a minimum?

6. (It’s the marriage, not the wedding, stupid.)

7. I dunno in which country we’re having it yet.

8. It’ll probably be pretty small and intimate, wherever it winds up being.

9. So please don’t be hurt re: guest list stuff. It’s so not personal. We’re not inviting hardly anybody, except, you know, my grandma.

10. Yes, we’re going to be back in the U.S. next year so that I can finish (God willing) rabbinical school.

11. No, I don’t know what happens after that.

12. There is no Number Twelve.

13. Even if I might not sound like it in this list, I’m actually really thrilled

14. and am SO going to paint my toenails sparkley silver for the occasion.

Maybe you didn’t even know that I was with somebody? Even though I’m the type that blogs about the silly mundania of my life, I’m still a fairly private person, in my way. Anyway, we’ve been together for two-ish years now and he’s wonderful, silly, loving, kind, brilliant, funny, and better to me than I probably deserve. I’m deeply smitten and extremely happy, which is all a girl could ask for.

There probably isn’t going to be a lot about him on the blog to come, but now maybe occasionally I’ll use first person plural instead of first person singular if I’m talking about, I dunno, something relevant.

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