This morning, I succumbed to the temptation to play with Googlism. Here are some of the things that came up when I used my first name (the ones with both first and last names were boring):

danya is the money
danya is an equal opportunity employer
danya is a dark red bay with a star
danya is one of the dozen or so teens who come to barrak for piercing each week
danya is a coterminal masters’ student interested in ways of measuring the effects of cultural models on emotion regulation
danya is a visiting anthropologist who studies pottery used by the mappa
danya is one of my favorite new songwriters that i met while i was living in denver about a year and a half ago
danya is an open
danya is also playing percussion in the parade
danya is my game character but if you are ever stuck talk to me as lord draxon
danya is changed beyond recognition
danya is a san francisco
danya is lively
danya is significant as here the deity also carries a sheaf of paddy
danya is a very bright and dedicated young lady who would do well in starfleet
danya is happy and bouncy from a good night’s sleep
danya is an aching love song by iranian diva googoosh who was that nation’s premiere pop vocalist prior to the 1979 revolution
danya is not here today
danya is so obviously
danya is refused as his eyes fall upon blythe
danya is generally alert and seems fine; she is generally extremely calm and contented and we don’t know if this is a result of the drugs or just the way she is
danya is a raging psychotic vocalist and a furious master of the haw harp
danya is not always the nicest person

I think my personal favorite is “danya is my game character but if you are ever stuck talk to me as lord draxon.”
I may just try to hold by that one.

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