Starting to plan my return to the US of A this summer, including starting to arrange my schedule of speaking gigs for the coming year. Nu–If you’re part of an organization, Hillel, university, synagogue or whatnot that’s interested in bringing me out to speak, leave a comment or shoot me an email, and I’ll send you my speaker info and general propaganda. Some, but not all, of the things on my list of possible topics these days are:
The next generation of Jewish feminism; queer theory and the trans movement’s impact on Judaism; religious women in film; the impact of “waking up” spiritually on politics and identity; women and halakha; dealing with the “hard parts” (ie the things you don’t like) of your religious tradition; or any number of other topics (I’ve got quite a list, frankly).

That is all. Shavuoh tov, everyone.

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