Well, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. People have been very sweet about this whole lifecycle ritual thing, but I’m about ready for the attention to be off my personal life and back onto something communally interesting (actually, I was ready for that even before all this started up, so now I’m really ready for it.) The primary obstacle to elopement is that it’d be very difficult to find a feminist, halakhic Elvis in Vegas.

In any case, here’s my latest mini-obsession. It looks kind of disgusting, but in a way that really appeals to me:
DESSERT SUSHI! Evidently it’s been this phenomenon, and I’m the last one to notice. Figures.

Here’s the site that wins for aesthetics, I think: cake base for the rice, fruit roll-ups for seaweed and Sweedish Fish, Jawbreakers and other assorted goodies for the sushi itself:

Not Martha has a long list of other options, including cupcake sushi, ice cream sushi, rice crispy treat sushi, and the one I might actually try sometime soon, coconut-rice sushi with candied ginger or with fruit in the middle. I’m afraid that I can’t condone any use of Twinkees anywhere in any recipie, so that seems to knock a few others out of the running.

Just. No.

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