Thanks to the fact that this last post has been quite linked-to, it seems that truckloads of new people have been stopping by. Welcome! I tend to update once or twice a week, feel free to check back as your goofing off time and interest warrants.

On the ground things are a little crazy now, again. I’m packing up my apartment. Again. To be gone for the semester. Again. Because, yes, yes, I’m heading back to Jerusalem, in just a few short weeks–and in the meantime have a bunch of friends to go visit and a father to help get hitched and some other stuff along the way. But soon, soon, I will return to a life of excessive free time and probable new adventures, both of which are very good things for a blog.

But for now, I have to go pick up a friend from the airport, keep trudging through my nine million bits of belongings that need to be organized, and then tomorrow–ooh! Extra lucky! I get to go to the passport agency to try to get my golden eagle renewed. Fun fun fun!


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