I’m here for less than a month. Then I go back to America. I’m frantically trying to finish up revisions on this book and to make headway on another project and prepare for the various things I’ll be doing this summer and preparing for several important events that’ll happen here before I leave, and to figure out, say, the logisitcs of packing and moving house back to halfway around the world.

It seems that everyone I know is particularly preoccupied these days, has lots of things to do (more than usual) and is trying to get them all done without dropping anything. I’m sure that it’s not everyone, but certainly lots of people I know fall into this category now.

I think it’s very Omer-y. Counting, making lists, trying not to forget, knowing that if you forget a little, it’s still redeemable, but if you forget more than a little, you’re in big trouble.

Also, an anticipation–of leading up to Revelation/Mattan Torah, or the anticipation of being a people who left one thing and haven’t yet figured out what the next thing is to be, what structure will carry them now that slavery isn’t it. The limbo-time in between chapters.

I see a lot of people in this limbo space now, preparing to end one chapter (or having ended it) and not yet having begun the next. Not yet knowing what God’s going to say to them next, and how that’s going to shape the pieces to come.

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