Oh, it’s Adar. About time!

One thing I love about being in Israel is that the seasons really do correspond to the Jewish calendar–it was designed to be that way, after all.

But really, this Shabbat, suddenly, the air went from feeling heavy and rainy and chilly to having a bit of a snap in the air–the crisp snap of early spring. Shabbos day was downright warm, to the point where I was sorry to have worn boots to shul. There’s still probably some rain yet to come (we do pray for it until Pesach, after all), but the weather’s mood is different. It’s time to open a few windows, to wear a lighter jacket. It’s not only a new month, but it’s the one associated with happiness: “When Adar arrives, we increase our joy.” (Taanit 29a). Yay Adar!

Tomorrow’s Women of the Wall is promising to be a good one–a bunch of my friends (including one visiting from the States) are planning to be there. And Purim’s in just a couple of weeks! It’s shocking, but I haven’t even begun to think about my costume situation. I better get on it, I have a reputation to maintain.

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