So the new issue of Lilith magazine has a short piece that I contributed (with, it seems, a big, honkin’ picture) in one of those roundup thingys where a bunch of people contribute small vorts on one topic. The theme for this issue is “coming of age as a Jewish woman.” Kind of interesting to look through the different ones and see how people define that–some people “became women” as young as eight. Me, I was a late bloomer. My best story on the topic didn’t happen ’till I was 20. (The editorial hiccup in the last or next to last line is not my doing.)

And the ever-lovely Rachel Barenblat of Velveteen Rabbi wrote an article in the same issue about Jewish chick bloggers, and in addition to giving a shout-out to us over here at J’lem Syndrome, also waxed poetic about the many wonders that are Netivat Sofrut and Baraita. Thanks, sugar!

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