So it looks like I’m going to be in what appears to be a very cool theology anthology (say that 10 times fast) geared to teenagers. They were trying to compile intelligent, non-dogmatic answers to questions like, Are Jews the chosen people? What happens when you die? Does prayer work? Does God make miracles? Etc. From what one of the editors said, it sounds like not a single submission claimed that Judaism was better than other religions, and only one submission claimed that the Bible is the true word of God. That’s probably about their sample of writers as much as anything, but it’s still pretty funny. Welcome to the New Judaism, ladies and germs. It also sounds like a lot of people read Rav Kook.

Anyway, I think a big chunk of the authors in this collection are rabbinical students, so a bunch of friends/colleagues are in the thing as well (including my fellow blogger Rachel). Which is always fun.

Today, I am fighting hard with the chapter at hand. I know I will conquor it someday, but right now it feels like it’s winning. I may head over to Ch. 1 and see if it’s willing to negotiate a little more fairly, first. I really do believe in non-violent resolution.

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