As many of you may have noticed, this blog hasn’t really been active for a while. A kid, a new job that I’m just starting, and the various other things that fill up a life have turned blogging into that thing I don’t do anymore. Grad school was great for a lot of reasons, and time to blog was one of them…. Ah, well. As the waves of tech turn, I’ve finally gone and gotten myself a Twitter account. Follow me there if you are so inclined!

In addition to the new gig and various other freelance things that have been happening (including three books on Jewish ethics I’m co-editing with the very good Rabbi Elliot Dorff, due next year from JPS–one on the ethics of sex, one on war, and one on social justice), there are a couple of exciting book-related things:

1) Surprised By God is out in paperback as of yesterday! 100% of the theology goodness, now at a whole bunch cheaper! Buy one for everyone you know!!


2)The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism is out! And has been getting some nice press. (See, eg, the interview/review from Haaretz (English edition), review in the Forward and “>Tablet (the mag formerly known as Nextbook), an interview with Religion Dispatches, as well as a bunch of nice things from PW and some other mentions in various other places.)

So I guess this blog is more an archive at this point. Maybe I’ll keep it for news updates, I dunno. But in the meantime–find me here! Come and play!

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