New Website!

Welcome to my shiny new website! Soon, I'll post about new writing, putting speaking dates in the calendar function, and other things here. Thanks to Angel Adeyoha for the great redesign.

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Bloggidy. Or Don’t Much, Really.

As many of you may have noticed, this blog hasn't really been active for a while. A kid, a new job that I'm just starting, and the various other things that fill up a life have turned blogging into that thing I don't do anymore. Grad school was great for a lot of...

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PW Review and Profile!

The Passionate Torah is starting to get ready for its big debut in June! Yay. A wonderful review and profile in Publishers Weekly this week--I'm totally tickled:The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism Edited by Danya Ruttenberg. New York Univ., $19.95 paper (320p) ISBN...

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Judaism and Sex @ Elat Chayyim This Summer!

I'm teaching a class at the lovely retreat center Elat Chayyim this summer, from July 27-August 2. It's on Jewish sex! What could be more fun than that? Here's the official copy: Judaism's sacred texts and great thinkers offer many inspirations, challenges and...

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Event Plug of the Day

The most excellent mikveh/community resource known as Mayyim Hayyim is having a benefit featuring Yavilah McCoy and four generations of her family's music. It's this coming Sunday, deets here. Ch-ch-check it out...

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Sekrit Projeckt

Well, the aforementioned Sekrit Projeckt has come to fruition. His name is Yonatan, and he was born twelve days ago. He is a miracle and a joy. Not sure how much I'll blog about him--maybe some, probably more about things I learn getting to hang out with him than...

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Feministing Review

Hi, there. I know posting has fallen off a bit around here; sorry 'bout that. I've been busy gigging, cleaning up the last things that needed to be done on The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism, working on 3 other anthologies, a biggish research project, and a few...

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Inauguration Blessing?

Judaism has blessings for just about everything--smelling fragrant trees, seeing a rainbow, hearing good news, hearing bad news, encountering a friend one hasn't seen in a year, and more. There is a blessing that one says upon seeing a non-Jewish king, and some would...

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On Mourning a Teacher

As I've watched--mostly from afar, sadly, as I'm now living on the other coast--various communities and lots of people that I know respond to the death of Rabbi Lew, I have found myself thinking about some of the stuff in Tractate Moed Katan about mourning for a rav....

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