At the time of this posting, the Senate tally hasn’t come in, but… Take back the House, baby. This is amazing news. Sometime when I’m not so exhausted I’ll say more than that.

Not so thrilled about the guhvahnator’s re-election, though. The only thing that gives me solace is that he’s not eligible to run for President.

ETA: And South Dakota repealed that terrifying abortion ban! Now all we need is a Democratic Senate* and to start taking the Bill of Rights seriously again, and we might be able to stem the tide of our collective moral decay ever-so-slightly. It’d be too much to ask for national health care and for the death penalty to be outlawed, huh?

(As the links observe, other countries actually don’t consider that kind of stuff to be some laughable pipe dream. I am just saying.)

*I realize that we’ve got plenty of corrupt Dems, and plenty who don’t vote the way I’d want them to on what I consider to be crucial issues. I’m not dumb. But work with me here, I’m trying to have a little bit of hope.

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