damn damn damn.

another pigua, at least 6 dead in Tel Aviv. I’m in Jerusalem today, so family and friends: I’m OK.

Healing to all those who’re hurt, and peace to all those already dead.

Oh, and to all those people who want to yell at me because I do post when such-and-such happens to Israelis or when such-and-such happens to Palestinians, or whatever? Bugger off. It’s my blog. I’ll post whatever I want. I have a vaguely unified if somewhat inconsistient policy statement about the Situation and the Conflict and the Occupation how and when I assign responsibility to whom and when and why and when compassion is more at the fore and whatever, and you know what? I’m not required to publish policy statements. Not every post being angry about Palestinian human rights being violated has to include a disclamer about what I think of Hamas and not every mourning for murdered people in Tel Aviv has to include a missive on Olmert’s withdrawl plan.

All I know is that the news uses the phrase “blood splattered on the pavement” and it hurts, hurts so bad. Dammit dammit.

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