I just found out that a friend and classmate just died. She had been sick for a long time, in and out of the hospital for more major surgeries than one could imagine that a body could handle in a few short years. She suffered a lot, bravely.

Abby was a great soul. She did some amazing work in this world, mostly chaplaincy and pastoral work–usually with very ill children or late-stage AIDS patients–as well as gifted teaching of kids with really special needs. A lot of my classmates are learned teachers of Torah. Abby? She radiated Divine love. She brought a lot of healing and transformation to people who needed it most, and then–as now–served as an inspiration, a model, and a constant reminder for me of what the rabbinate is all about.

I think she changed more lives in the short time she was here than I probably will if I reach the length of my days.

Blessed is the True Judge, though dammit, this stinks.
Abby Spivack, the world is a dimmer place without you.

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