My wallet was stolen tonight. Just called the banks where my credit and debit cards are to cancel/reissue, and it looks like somebody’s been charging themself a right nice storm tonight. Which is interesting, b/c it’s motzei Shabbat and it’s not like that much is open–but enough to try to spend at least $500 of my money on clothes and other stuff.

Grr. Not that I bought it before, but so much for the beauty of clal Yisrael, eh?

I’ve now cancelled my plastic, but am trying to remember what else of import is in there. Can they do something with my Mileage Plus card? (It’s just a piece of plastic with my number on it). AAA I probably won’t call, since I don’t think they send towtrucks this far east. But now I don’t have my healthcare card for my Israeli health care. And don’t need my California driver’s license now, but will at some point in the future. And, like, what else is in there? Israel Museum card, Cinamatheque membership, and probably a few other things that it would be wise to cancel if I could remember what they were.

Also bummed because the thing it’s all gone missing in is a Paul Frank wallet that, though nauseatingly trendy, was just so cute I couldn’t restrain myself. It had the monkey skull. Actually, I didn’t buy it because it was cute. I actually bought it after spending the summer working as a chaplain in the Medical ICU of a hospital, spending a lot of time with people who were dying. I lost a lot of patients that summer. I wanted something tangible to remind me of–well, impermanence, the fact that we all return to dust, all of the death I’d seen in order to do honor to my patients. There’s a beautiful Tibetian bracelet of skulls that I coveted, even though there was no intelligent theological or cultural defense of me appropriating such a thing. So I decided to go for the cheezy American version of the same thing, and bought me my cartoon skullie instead.

I guess if you buy something as a reminder of impermanence, you’re not supposed to be TOO annoyed when it… vanishes. But still. Feh.

At least I have a fridge full of food (having hosted Shabbos this week and thus both bought and cooked way too much) and some USD and Euros leftover from my travels. I’m sure I can bum some cash off of classmates if I need. In the grand scheme it’s not the end of the world. But it is ANNOYING.

And now it’s late and time for bed.

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