I don’t know if this site was down yesterday or if my own internet was being screwy (both plausible; I had trouble pulling up a couple of other sites and didn’t have time to go dinking around to figure out why), but now at least in my own home, things are working as they should.

Maybe just a few links for now:

  • NYT on Female Hadith Scholars–over 8000 have been uncovered….
  • Mr. Deity is grand. Not so much my theology (even the Jesus part notwithstanding), but these 3-4 minute sketches are sharp and funny and worthwhile, even if there were a couple of jokes that were a little too “macho” (ie a PMS joke and a Kobe Bryant rape case joke) for my tastes. I certainly hope there’s less of that in the future, ’cause it’s otherwise pretty amusing.
  • Weird DIY Goodness
  • The wacky American tourist guide
  • The Post-Punk Kitchen isn’t exactly brand-new news (neither is the link above, but it’s fun), but since I just made their yummy chickpea coconut soup last night, I thought I’d post. Mmmm.
  • Oh! I never posted about this, did I?? Dan’s amazing new project, ShulShopper, is live! Check it out; it’s hottt, even though there are still a few bugs getting worked out.

    OK, that’s enough for now. Time to enter in line edits, fun fun fun!!

    (Hat tip to Uri for link items 1 and 2).

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