Back from the land of Away, which was great wonderful fun AND had the bonus of keeping me offline for a full week, very good for a girl’s mental health now and again. Will write up some of that, but not right now.

Now. back to Pesach preparations. I cannot BELIEVE how much work I have to do in the next 2 days. My work is way cut out for me. Trying not to feel overwhelmed–will just start with a pile of ignored papers and work my way down until every dang tile is gleaming. Then, it will be time tp brave the inconceivably crowded grocery store or shuk, haven’t decided yet. Whatever. I’m just grateful to be back in a place where kosher food is easily attainable.

The good news is, I’m hiring out. There are these “PESACH CLEANING” signs all over town, so I called one and arranged for a yeshiva bocher to come over and log in a few hours’ scrubbing on my behalf. I’m so amused. It’s only enough to help with some of the worst kitchen things (cleaning and kashering the oven, eg)–I’ll still have to do everything else. But young Yossel or Moish or whoever he is should be by around 3 to lend a hand. Should be an interesting experience, at least.

Okay. Now. To the brooms!

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