That’s right, back from Chul, with 120 lbs of books and journals to keep me warm. Why, you might ask? Well, I’m taking a year off from rabbinical school this year–will be in Jerusalem for the next 12 months, and THEN will scamper back to LA for my fifth (and presumably last) year of rabbinical school and, God willing, ordination. So I’m going to be writing this year–am already on deadline for my Sekrit Projekt, which I will tell more about once everything is official official official. There are also a few other things in the hopper, like this essay on Jewish feminist activisim for an anthology, some other ideas I want to noodle with, etc. It’s very thrilling to have a whole year to basically be focusing on writing–as well as refocusing my brain a bit after a very academically intensive four years, having a chance to think some more about what it means to become clergy and what I want out of my last year of seminary, what tools I want to have in place before ordination, stuff like that. Anyway, Sekrit Project requires many reference books, so I brought 2 empty suitcases with me and have returned with 2 very, very heavy suitcases.

Yay heavy suitcases! Yay writing! Expect this blog to start containing a few more musings on the writing life and the ups and downs of tackling a big project. With the usual ramblings of this particular member of the God Squad, of course.

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