Really, I’ll be more fun after Sukkot. I think. Maybe.

My life isn’t so interesting these days; I’m working on school and not-school projects, seeing friends just about only on Shabbos (and even then, not even so much–needing a lot of solitude lately) and generally trying to be good with my time, except tonight when I have spent too much time online and not enough writing the things I’m supposed to be writing. Which I’m going to do now.

They say that every rabbi has two sermons, and I think that’s true. I knew what mine were before, but it’s really striking to be preparing for the yamim noraim–on Rosh Hashonah alone I’ll be giving 4 divrei Torah over 2 days, plus a lot of smaller kavvanot and vorts and stuff–and seeing how tempting it is to just give the patented Danya Torah over and over again. It’s taking some work for me to get some variety in there, but hopefully I’m doing it.

Okay, anyway. Rather than talking about working, I’m gonna go work now.

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