Things have been rolling along as I’m reacquainting myself with a city I’ve only really talked to at parties, or in passing. I think we’ve already started to get to know each other better than ever before, and I’m looking forward to deepening the relationship as time goes by.

It’s not like I’ve had so much time to really explore the city, though. Last week, at long last, I handed in the manuscript for Sex and Judaism (that’s the working title, anyway), an anthology on–well, guess–that I’ve been editing for the last forever and a half. (It’ll be out at some point, presumably in ’09, with NYU Press–now, finally, we get to figure out pub dates and stuff.) It’s got 18 essays by smarty-pants rabbis, scholars, and other assorted thinkers on everything from rethinking the laws of menstruation to the erotics of sexual segregation, thinking about the literature of the accused adulteress as pornography, queer theology, modesty remixed, and how the ancient rabbis thought about intersex lovin’. I think it’s pretty good. (It’s hard for me to tell, since I don’t really have any perspective whatsoever on the project right now–ask me in a couple of months.) The thing, at mss delivery, runs 96500 words, 358 pages, and has rather the colorful glossary of Hebrew/Aramaic/Yiddish terms.

This week I need to write a short piece for Bitch, have a bunch of meetings with folks about stuff, need to see about finding an apartment (we’re subletting at present) and get my gears in gear on a new writing project for which I am on deadline. More on that when I start figuring out what I’m doing with it.

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