Talmud Iyyun
Talmud Bekieut
Halakha HaMaaseh
Packing loads of books to ship off to America by boat
Packing loads of stuff to take to America by plane
Shipping stuff to America by mail
Closing off all my heat, phone, etc. bills
Saying goodbye to people
Eating hummus Saeid
Giving away or selling or choosing to leave here all non-America-bound objects
Making arrangements for the first few days in America
Preparing self, mentally, for the return to a country run by George Bush Jr. (There’s no such thing as enough preparation, but still.)
Running a couple book-related errands for friends who decided suddenly at the last minute that they NEEDED me to bring them stuff
Taking advantage of decent health care for the last small amount of time I’ll have it

Oy, that’s quite enough for the moment, I think.

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