I think my method for writing this book is to write each chapter up to around 10,000 words, and then try to pare it down to the essentials, hopefully ending up at a relatively sane 7500 or so. Sometimes I write up to 10k, go down to 7k and then somehow back up to 9k or so, go figure. But God has created editors for that particular ailment, thank goodness.

Anyway, I just cleared 10k on Ch. 5. There are a few things I found over Shabbat that I’ll need to put in as well (if you want a dose of unbridled hilarity, I suggest reading through the journals that you kept when you were 22 or 23–I may post some of the greatest hits of Really Bad Religously-Themed Short Story Ideas here at some point. If nothing else, it puts one’s current mishegas into a nice, calming perspective.) So I’ll probably be well over 10k before the cutting begins. But I am sharpening my knives, yes I am.

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