it was actually one of the nicest Shabbats I’ve had in a while. Dinner last night with good people, lots of laughter, silliness, crude jokes–plus the hosts had decided it was Pizza and Ice Cream Shabbos (score.) Davvening both last night and this morning also lovely– the weather has been GORGEOUS (a little taste of early spring–but I’ve been assured by locals that it won’t last) and it was great to see my classmate people after a couple of weeks off. Nice people. Plus a long afternoon walk in sunshine does a body good.

They said it’d take a year to get settled here, and then it would be time to go, and that’s exactly what’s happening. I feel even more rooted and more settled and more enjoying my life here now than I have yet, and yet also getting keenly aware that I only have 4 months left. One can do a lot in 4 months, but still.. it’s like the timer is on, now. Wouldn’t be a bad time to reflect on what else I want to have happen in my Year In Israel ™ and get on it re: actually making those things happen.

Mostly, though, I am just enjoying being here, letting my little life unfold as it will.

(Tonight, for example, my big important Israeli Experience is scheduled, to take place in an Irish pub.)

Peace out, y’all. Shavuoh tov all around.

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