Well, today’s theoretically the first day of the cease-fire, but it’s not clear how much ceasing there will be. I’m nervous, I’m really nervous about this. I’m glad that there’s a break from the killing on both sides, and… I don’t know. This feels to me less like the end of something than a brief respite before the beginning of Act II. Not even really an intermission. Dear God, do I hope I’m wrong. Maybe the UN people will come in and really manage to keep things quiet. I really hope so.

In any case, the Lebanese refugees deserve to go back home, and the folks in the North here deserve to have a little quiet. God willing the return to some sort of routine won’t be temporary for anybody.

Anyway, read Avielah on this. As usual, with this war, I can’t seem to get out of my own emotional reactions enough to say something incisive and analytic, or inspirational, or anything. I plug into everything that’s happening, everything that happens, and all that comes out for me is a deep, deep feeling of sadness.

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