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by Danya Ruttenberg

An impactful journey of intentionality, burbling with glorious moments of rootedness and sharing”  –The New York Times

A National Jewish Book Award Finalist and PJ Library Parents’ Choice Selection, Nurture the Wow in paperback is ideal for parenting groups and book clubs, offering a comprehensive reader’s guide that inspires conversation and inward exploration.

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Praise for Nurture the Wow

“A wise book [whose] ideas keep stirring after the last page is turned.”

– Chicago Tribune

“In her inimitable style – sometimes sassy, other times soft and reflective, Ruttenberg tills the soil of [parents’] inner landscape.”


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More about Nurture the Wow: 

Every day, parents are bombarded by demands. The pressures of work and life are relentless; our children’s needs are often impossible to meet; and we rarely, if ever, allow ourselves the time and attention necessary to satisfy our own inner longings. Parenthood is difficult, demanding, and draining. And yet, argues Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, if we can approach it from a different mindset, perhaps the work of parenting itself can offer the solace we seek.

Rooted in Judaism but incorporating a wide range of religious and literary traditions, Nurture the Wow shows how parenting can be considered a spiritual practice, and how seeing it that way can lead to transformation. This is a parenthood book, not a parenting book; it shows how the experiences we have as parents can change us for the better. Enlightening, uplifting, and laugh-out-loud funny, Nurture the Wow reveals how parenthood, in all its crazy-making, rage-inducing, awe and joy-filled moments can actually be the path to living fully, authentically, and soulfully.

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