Yentl’s Revenge

yentlsrevengeThis thoughtful, groundbreaking anthology offers a range of writers from former riot grrls to former Valley girls, from young Orthodox mothers to ambivalent queer activists. These intelligent, funny women tackle everything from intermarriage to Zionism, Mizrahi politics and Jewish body image; they chronicle searches for faith, detail intolerance and defy expectations. They are women who were “just raised Jewish,” women who light Shabbat candles, and women who are rabbis, sex educators and teachers. The diversity of the voices is astounding; the writing is brilliant, wry and often touching. With a preface by Susannah Heschel, editor of On Being a Jewish Feminist, and a glossary of Hebrew, Yiddish and Judeo-Arabic terminology, Yentl’s Revenge is destined to become a classic–the definitive portrait of “Generation J,” an earth-moving generation of women who have changed the very meaning of what it is to be Jewish.


“If you’re the kind of reader who scans to the end of a review to find out whether or not to read a book, let me save you the trouble: buy “Yentl’s Revenge.” Give copies to your friends, your sisters, your coworkers, your mother, your rabbi. It’s that good.”

- Hyde Park Review of Books

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