Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: War and National Security

jcjvwarIs it morally acceptable to use surveillance and profiling to protect national security? Should war only be used in self-defense? Is torture in times of war morally acceptable? Contributors include scholar Noam Chomsky, Lt. Col. Seth Milstein, and political philosopher Michael Walzer. Each volume in this series presents hypothetical cases on specific topics, followed by traditional and contemporary sources. Supplementing these are brief essays, written by contributors of various ages, backgrounds, and viewpoints to provoke lively thought and discussion. These voices from Jewish tradition and today’s Jewish community present us with new questions and perspectives, encouraging us to consider our own moral choices in a new light.


“Represents a remarkably thorough examination of a broad range of Jewish sources… [and] deserves to be put on the bookshelf of every Jew and even every citizen of every country. It contains ample material for moral cogitation by members of all religions.”

- Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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